Wisdom From Above

(Hermann Stampfel / J.T. Amos)
©2012 Stamp of Approval Music All rights reserved

Your love can be so nice
When you have some fortitude
To do what’s right
Though sometimes you’ll feel the pain

Your love can so wise
When you seek outside advice
To know what’s best for all
can be so hard to do alone

So when love is wise
It’s not cruel,
love is part of the golden rule
And wisdom from above
leads to this kind of love

Your love should show patience
Even when you wear a frown
Behave even when
You’re feeling down

Your love can seek knowledge
Knowledge helps you understand
Ask when how where and why
You’ll be lifted from the dark

True love should seek prudence
In everything you do or say
avoid calamity
and your life will be ok

Yeah love can get you upset
But it should never turn the tide
You can forgive and forget
And be happy once again