Hermann Stampfel is the owner of Stamp Of Approval Music: with a huge catalog of award winning music in a variety of genres. 

The two major artists are Stampman and JB & the Stitch II Band. Hermann Stampfel is also on board singing Gottscheer songs. 

Growing up in Brooklyn, Hermann listened to a variety of music: from Elvis to Irving Berlin; from rock and roll to gospel.  He began writing lyrics at the age of 18 based on life experiences, both good and bad and typical of the problems most young people face. Everyone can relate to Hermann’s songs.

In l979 Hermann met Proffesor Leo Alfassy who was the music conductor for the Gottscheer Choir. Hermann was second tenor. This choir (still performing today) is made up of men and women who have migrated from Austria and settled in Queens, N.Y.

Hermann’s first professional single was in 1976, with producer Tony Di Riziano and Tara International records based in Ireland, under the name of “Stich”.

Since that time, most of Hermann’s songs have been produced by Thomas Roller Productions in Sherman Oaks, CA. and seven CD albums have been released by the group: JB and the Stich Two Band.

With today’s technology most of these songs are available as mp3 downloads under the name: StampMan;   These downloads are available at  Apple iTunesAmazon, and Google Store. Links are available on the home page.

As mentioned, Stamp of Approval Music has a great collection of music in all styles; whether it’s r&b, country, jazz, or rock we have the music or song for your next album project, commercial, television show or movie. here