Why Am I So Insecure?

(Hermann Stampfel / J.T. Amos)

©2012 Stamp of Approval Music All rights reserved


Why am I so insecure?

Was my timing premature?

Thought our love was a thing for sure

I’m gonna need a counselor


Tell me why do I feel so insecure?

Do you love me, are you sure?

I was rich, but now I’m poor

Why do I feel so insecure?


Should I love you anymore?

It’s like playing tug of war

I shoulda known the score

All I can do now is walk the floor


I ask you for a date?

But you make me hesitate?

You know I cried before

I’m running a temperature

I should walk out the door

But I keep running back for more

This is not what I’m looking for