Still Some Things

(Hermann Stampfel / J.T. Amos)

©2012 Stamp of Approval Music All rights reserved


Life is not just about you

It’s about your parents and your family too

Once you unify those few things

You will see the good than unity brings


Honor your father and mother

Hear what they have to say

Give them consideration

Before you decide to stray

They have years behind them and know about the world

And if you should get into trouble you will see that love unfurl


You might say who cares what people do?

You might say what’s it to you?

You might say who cares what people do?

But sooner or later one of these songs just might affect you too


Don’t wait for anticipated trouble

That you know is gonna come

Do the right thing on the double

And you won’t have to overcome


When you’re young it ain’t easy

We all know the substantial pain

And the emptiness inside of you

But with time and help there’s so much to gain

You know the laws of nature

And the structure of society

Try to work within its limits

And you’ll have less anxiety