Learn and Save

(Words & Music: Hermann Stampfel / John Amos)

©2012 Stamp of Approval Music All rights reserved


Learn and save and use your body

Know, then have and be somebody

Knowledge, thrift, endure a little

Don’t you play at second fiddle


Learn and save then you will grow

Into more than you might know

Study hard to pass your test

Work with fever til you rest


Learn and save and be somebody

Then you won’t have to owe nobody


See a problem work it out

You should never have a doubt

Think and do and reach your goal

You’ll never wind up in a hole


Learn and save and be somebody

Then you’ll have to owe nobody

Think and do and never rest

Not until you are the best


Don’t you moan and sit and cry

Get in don’t let it pass you by

Take your dollar with a hold

Then you’ll find your pot of gold


Buy a house, boat and more

Anything you can afford

Take a wife with love and laughter

You’ll be happy ever after


What you have and what you know

Will determine how far you go

You can do it if you try

Grow your wings before you fly