I Never Said (part 2)

(Hermann Stampfel / J.T. Amos)
©2012 Stamp of Approval Music All rights reserved

I never said you couldn’t make choices
But try to choose what’s best for all
No one’s life is easy
They may need your help to get along

I never said you can’t be happy
I never said how much to give
I never said become a hermit
I never said you couldn’t live

You might say who cares what people do?
What’s it to you?
But sooner or later one of these things
Is gonna effect you

I never said marry a divorce
I never said be alone
There are things you can’t see
On the road that leads back home

I never said you should intermarry
Just to make a statement out of protest
True love is not Tom, Dick or Harry
It’s perfect kindness at its best

If all you love is genitalia
If all you love is the chase
You’ll have no honor memorabilia
You’ll have much more than just disgrace

What you can see can be deceiving
What you can prove is how it is
You don’t have to be believing
But the truth is often rude

I never said people aren’t equal
But we cling to our own
Be it tribal, ethnic or religious
Pass it on to generations to come

I never said one race is better
I never said not to care
We are all unique and different
With many traits we all share