Dating or Fornicating

(Hermann Stampfel / J.T. Amos)

©2012 Stamp of Approval Music All rights reserved


So much depends on what you’re doing

If it is love, it will endure

It’s good to wait until you’re older

and not get caught in that hook and lure

please wait until you’re older

true love is something you deserve

don’t let your hormones get you in trouble

especially in your teenage years


Are you dating or fornicating?

Is it true love or only sex?

Better be on your best behavior

Don’t know what’ll happen next


Is it love or not an instant impulse

You need to stand the test of time

True love is best expressed in marriage

And it can be so mighty fine

I know it’s good to kiss your lover

And hold her hand and squeeze them tight

But wait on sex, you might discover

This love is wrong or this love is right


To have a baby is important

A lot of work for you to do

It might be more than you can handle

and interfere with your youth

it’s good to wait until you’re older

and finish school so you’ll have a chance

decisions will be much wiser

and the chance for happiness


you might catch a nasty sickness

you can catch social disease

and it could hurt your health and body

is it worth it think now please

you know sex might bring you please

but it might lead to future pain

look to the Lord for your pleasure

you might consider to obstain