Cool Fool

(Hermann Stampfel / J.T. Amos)

©2012 Stamp of Approval Music All rights reserved


He was a cool fool with a big tool

Swinging every Saturday night

He was a cool fool with a big tool

Fooling every woman in sight


He never got a chance for a good education

Cause his mind was always in the streets

His brain is in his zipper, he called it big dipper

Cause it made him feel like a star


He looked to find a girl or a divorcee

Pleasure was always on his mind

He never used a condom, his sex was always random

And he practiced the art of deceit


He never could make any kind of commitment

He loved to sleep around

Don’t sell yourself, he could never support

All the children he fathered in town


So listen to me girl,

before you consider this man

He don’t really love you, when he’s above you

He’ll take you for whatever he can

A child needs a father, he can look up to

Help him in his time of need

Give him some pride

Help him to ride

Through the problems he’ll face in his life